A Beautiful World

Sunday, May 8, 2011. 16 degree Celcius and sunny. Blue sky dotted with white clouds.

Sitting in my harness, dangling in the air near the top of a cliff at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, I see the leafless forest with fresh green buds below -- a warm welcome of spring and liveliness.  Further, a few cars crisscrossing on country roads -- a sign of business. I see city buildings in the seemingly remote distance -- a display of humans' impact on earth. "What a beautiful world!" I silently marvelled. "I wish I could be part of it forever."

I have just taught a a student whom I have never met before on how to belay a climber, and then let her belay me.  I have climbed to the top of the cliff. As my student lowers me down, I take in the panoramic view around me. I am now trusting my life in the hands of this student, trusting that she is not going to to suddenly fancy the idea of dropping me to see what would happen or making a technical mistake. She has answered my trust. I feel relieved and safe. I feel the beautiful trust between humans. I love this world.