Definition of Success

Definition of Success

5pm,. March 26, 2011.  I arrived at the Toronto Climbing Academy.  My friend hadn't arrived yet.  While waiting for her, I realized I didn't bring my climbing shoes.  I went to my car, couldn't find them.  Having left 3 pairs of shoes at home, I disliked the idea of spending $5 to rent a pair of low-performance shoes from the gym.  They wouldn't help me to climb the 5.11 routes that were at my upper challenge level anyway.

I decided to climb in my street shoes... for three reasons.

1) Save money.

2) I have expected students in my beginners outdoor rock climbing course to climb in their street shoes, snickers, hiking shoes/boots.  I have also climbed with them in my street shoes.  I should be able to do the same in a gym.

3) I have for some time believed that success in climbing is not about grades.  Rather, it is about the peace of mind of having made my best effort.

My friend came and I started warm up on a 5.7 route.  My plan for this evening was to climb many 5.9 routes in my street shoes.  After some warmup I grew bold and decided to attempt a 5.10- route.  "Nothing to lose", I thought, "I'm on top rope.  I don't care if anyone see me struggling and falling on a 5.10- anyway."  To my surprise, I finished the route without falling.

I climbed most of the 5.10- and 5.10 routes in the gym that evening, finishing the last one with several rests.  At the gym's closing time, I felt exhausted and content.  I had made a descent effort in doing what I enjoyed.  It was a success.

In hindsight, I should have given 5.10+ a try to see if the holds were really too small for my street shoes.

I want to open a summer climbing camp for students age 12 or higher.  This seems to be a daunting task: not for running the programming itself, but for signing up the students.  Where are these students who are interested in this camp? How can I reach them?  I feel the pressure of failure -- not signing up any student.

I am going to take the approach of using my effort, instead of results or grades, to measure my success on this project.  I will report my effort on this project in the following weeks.

May 10, 2011.  I mailed 54 packages of cover letter and flyers today to teachers in schools that have used indoor climbing activities to train their students in their school.  I enjoyed writing the cover letter and the content of the flyer.  I hired a graphic designer to design the flyer. I printed everthing and stuffed the envelops -- which was not an enjoyable process.  As I am typing this, I think that I should also approach schools that have taken their students to climbing gyms.  -- This will be my next marketing effort.