May 13, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Climbing Season

Agreement with Scout Canada

Squamish Momentum

Climbing Trips

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Posted by: xiaoping

You may have noticed the absence of "News" in this section in 2014.  This is partially due to the fact that Zen Climb's owner was busy feeding his two newborns and changing diapers as a single parent, and teaching climbing courses.

Agreement with Scout Canada: Zen Climb and Scout Canada reached a reciprocal indemnification agreement on February 7, 2014. This means that members of Scout Canada can participate in Zen Climb's climbing courses without needing to sign waivers.  Instead, they will sign informed consent forms only.  Zen Climb now offers a special program for Scouts Canada.

Squamish Momentum: Our climbing courses in Squamish, B.C. has reached over 60 participants, with more to come. Thanks to Raz Peel and Boris Presechensky, both ACMG certified instructors, who first started climbing and teaching outdoors with Zen Climb at Rattlesnake Point and then at Squamish.

Climbing Trips: We will be offering climbing trips this year.  In a climbing trip, the trip leader is usually an instructor who is qualified to teach the climbing techniques used in that trip.  The trip leader will function as a logistic coordinator, not an instructor.  The purpose of the trip is for course graduates to gain experience in various climbing locations. Participants will pay a fee to cover logistic and insurance expenses.  For details, see Post-Course Support.